Datyson 5P0010L Telescope Photography Stand, Standard + 1 Phone Holder


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1. Compact and easy to use, portable and affordable
2. Can capture images of the moon, planets, sun (using appropriate filters) and ground objects
3. Anti-scratch protection helps prevent damage or damage to the eyepiece
4. The multi-function mount provides three adjustment sizes (horizontal, vertical and depth) to fit almost any camera size or lens position
5. Robust all-metal design to improve rigidity and performance

1. Material: metal (primary aluminum)
2. Mobile phone holder supports mobile phone width: 55-85mm
3. Cell phone clip material: plastic
4. Fixed eyepiece diameter: 1.18-2.44inch / 30-62mm
5. Adjustable horizontal length: 0-3.15 inches / 0-80 mm
6. Height adjustment: 1.5 inches / 38 mm
7. Adjustable longitudinal length: 0-4.92 inches / 0-125 mm
8. Camera connection: 0.25 inch/6.35 mm
9. Weight: 463g