[EU Warehouse] GS-528 8.5 inch 250W Foldable Electric Scooter 42V Portable Two-wheeled Scooter, Max Speed: 20km/h


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1. High-strength aluminum alloy body, weighs 14 kg with one hand, saving effort and worry
2. Quickly fold in 3 seconds, covering a small area, can be carried with you
3. The speed can reach 20km/h, whether it is a short commute or land transfer, you can easily reach the destination
4. 18650 lithium battery, supports fast charging, safe and efficient, long life
5. 250W brushless motor, high efficiency and stability, strong power, wind-resistant climbing
6. According to the pressing range, choose the push-back rebound throttle valve to control the driving speed, which is convenient for control and high degree of freedom
7. The intimate LCD digital display shows power, accumulated mileage and displacement speed, so that every ride is clear at a glance
8. Safety first, equipped with dual front and rear braking systems. Equipped with a ventilated disc brake system and an E-ABS anti-lock brake system, the braking efficiency is high, and the response is fast, and the front wheel motor power supply is quickly cut off at the same time as the rear wheel disc brake, so that every time you drive is safe
9. 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, wear-resistant and shock-absorbing, most city roads and speed bumps can pass smoothly, bringing a comfortable driving experience
10. LED headlights with a range of 5 meters
11. Brake tail lights, bright red to warn vehicles behind, safe and secure

Product parameters:
1. Wheel: 8.5 inch
2. Materials: Aluminium alloy
3. Motor power: 250W
4. Max speed: 20km/h
5. Battery:7.5AH
6. Charging output: 42V 1.5A
7. Charging time: 4 hours
8. Max loading: 120kg
9. Max Gradient: 15degree
10. Mileage:30km
11. Brake system: Dual-brakes Front electric brake&Rear wheel disc brake
12. LCD display
13. Light: Front light and brake tail light
14. Speed gear: 10-15-20km/h
15. Tyre: Front honeycomb; Rear pneumatic
16. Thumb throttle

Package Weight
One Package Weight 17.80kgs / 39.24lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 35.20kgs / 77.60lb
Carton Size 112cm * 32cm * 43cm / 44.09inch * 12.6inch * 16.93inch
Loading Container 20GP: 173 cartons * 2 pcs = 346 pcs
40HQ: 401 cartons * 2 pcs = 802 pcs