F60R 2.0 inch Screen 4K 170 Degrees Wide Angle WiFi Sport Action Camera Camcorder with Waterproof Housing Case & Remote Controller, Support 64GB Micro SD Card(Black)


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1. With a water proof casing, allowing you to film 30 meters under water scene
2. HD screen display for convenient videos and image playback
3. Detachable battery for easy replacement and help extend
4. Record videos while charging
5. Supports Micro SD card memory expandable up to 64GB(Maximum)
6. Supports multiple video recording formats: 4K/2K/1080P/720P/ WVGA
7. Supports MOV recording format
8. Supports multiple photo shooting modes: single shot & snapper
9. Video encryption enabled
10. Super lightweight, small in size and easy to carry
11. HDMI output
12. USB interface: USB 2.0, 5 Pin USB
1. Download the APP client and install it to the smart phone, which displays the "XDV" application icon after installation. Apple WLAN,direct search "XDV", click install. After the installation of the mobile phone interface will appear a APP application icon. Click to enter the APP "XDV" interface .
2. The open WiFi function: Select the "WiFi" menu, press "OK" button to enter, select "OPEN",the screen will show the WiFi icon, SSID:SPORTSDV******, PWA2:12345678; Click the UP button to return, at this time to open the phone to set the WiFi function, to find a new set of WiFi name of the network; The connection after entering the new WiFi password and confirm the connection, the connection after the success of the LCD on the connected / display MAC:************; At this time to open the phone has been installed XDV APP client, and search to add the camera ID code, after the completion of the camera and video operations can be performed.