MX02 30mm Univerzalni magnetni nosilec


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Model: MX02

Minimum size: 27mm
Maximum size: 30mm
Weight: 160.8g
Material: Aluminum and Magnet
Color: black
Packing: blister packing box

1. Designed to install a Flashlight or Laser Sight onto the Rifle Barrel
2. Suitable for 27-30mm Flashlight & Laser Sight Tube mounting need
3. Flashlight Mount can also be installed on standard weaver rail alone
4. Fully adjustable with nuts & screws included
5. Great look for attaching onto rifle scope with extra accessories installed
6. Complete solution for Mounting Flashlight & Laser Sight on rifle
7. Constructed of Full Metal Material, extra Strong Shock Absorption ability
8. Looks cool on any rifle